January 22, 2019

Well it appears that yesterday's motivation did not publish. This web server has been acting wonky these last few days. I logged on this morning at 5am before my morning workout and could not get in.. and the same thing happened yesterday. I  was not able to update the page until the late morning.. which appeared to work.. and then I logged in now - which is 9:08am  and my page reverted back to Sunday's motivation.. I will re-post Yesterday's motivation below.  

These minor glitches remind me that even with the best made efforts and total follow through will not always work out.  It's not a bad thing.. it just an indication that we cannot always control the outcome of every situation. Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow and let go of the outcome. 

January 21, 2019 
This week is a good week to reflect on personal patterns - where you are at emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically.  Assessing things you would like to change or adjust in your life. Maybe get into having better sleeping habits. Or improve the quality of food you eat. Spend a little extra time doing a healthy activity. What ever it is - habits take 21 days to become a part of your routine, at first you will need to put in efforts and eventually it just becomes apart of your lifestyle. 
Try to remember if you take on too much at once, it is bound to fail. Slowly introducing things into your life, it will make the adjustment easier and more doable.
I wish you a wonderful day!
Sending you love and light from my heart to yours,
Sky TwoRivers  

Self Healing