From first the time I started doing yoga I knew that I wanted to teach it.  The more styles I learned, the harder the decision became to choose which type of yoga to teach, as I appreciate so many styles of yoga. Knowing I had to choose one, I decided to start with Kundalini yoga, as I find it to be a very powerful practice that has helped peal away layers of things that no longer serve me. I have been very fortunate to have exceptional teachers that have helped me expand myself in such wonderful ways and I truly look forward to making an impact in peoples lives, the way my teachers have done for me. Knowing that yoga is beneficial to helping one heal in so many ways, I feel it is very essential to bring this technology to help people expand and grow. 

​Receiving my Kundalini training is one of the best gifts that I could have ever given to myself. It was a very powerful experience where I learned more about my body,mind and soul than I had anticipated. I went into my training thinking I have done years of yoga and personal healing this is going to be a breeze, I am going to flow through this like a yogi star! After a few days I soon learned that no matter how much work you do ~ there is always more to do! Because we are always growing and we are always expanding. This is life!

​ I am so excited to continue my own practice and grow with this technology and even more excited that I have the teachings and knowledge to share with others. Yogi Bhajan said “If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something, teach it.”  


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Self Healing