Self Healing 

Happy Month of December!  Wow it is so hard to believe that another year is about to be completed. The last month of the year. Time just seems to go by so much faster, as I get older.   Each day goes faster as it is filled with  work and responsibilities and by the time I have time, it is  past my bedtime! Which I am sure I am not alone in this game of life.  The cost of living requires $$$ which requires work, which requires time.  If only we could stop the clocks or lower the cost of living! right?!  

Well despite all of that it is time to think about the ending of this year.  This leaves me asking myself

"How would I like to exit this year?" And how did this year turn out for me. Did I accomplish all my goals or at least try new things? Did I enjoy my time this year?  Did I make the effort to live the life I love and love the life I live? 

And what can I do to honour the rest of this month?

This month I am excited to say I am going to spend extra time with friends and family. Eating good foods. Sharing lots of laughter. Decorating my house. Celebrate life!  And make lots of great moments to add to my memory bank! And I wish you do the same. 

Sending you so much love and light and wishing you the very best from my heart to yours Sky TwoRivers .


Message for December 2019