Self Healing 


The month of march - for me this month starts with the thought of wow this is the month that changed everything for me.  In life it’s not uncommon to have a date or time in your life that when you recall it -  you would say – yup that day changed my life forever.  It could be for the good or the bad.  For me it is the month that my twin brother died in a car accident. March 26 2007 since that day the month of March since marks the years that I last saw my twin.  This year it will be 13 years since we said good-bye.’ I am not sure when I will see him again, but I know in my heart we will meet again. I do not mourn him, as I used too. It did take me a very long time to stop crying. A very very very long time to stop feeling the sadness of being forced to say good-bye. I am actually very happy in my life.  I feel complete and full of life. And I wish to continue to live a long healthy happy life.  I was just saying the other day, my goal is to live to at least 100! But it was not always like that.

The month of march for a long time was a month of mourning.  After years of sadness -  I did lots and lots and lots of healing and then some more healing. And with my healing I came to a place of gratitude and happiness for my life and for this world that we live in.  This month not only changed my life forever, I changed forever.

To change my sadness, I had to do a lot of work to come to a better place within myself. And also to see the world as a good place live. As often when you feel bad about yourself, you also begin to see and feel all the pain in the world. And it seems like all the negative of what is just seems to bombard you.

Once I did my self-healing. I came to the realization that the world is filled with light and love and more good than we see or hear about.  Despite life’s circumstances and pains. We all have loss. We all experience  life pain of some kind. There is no competition on whose sorrow is bigger. Because at the end of the day everyone will experience their own triumphs and tribulations their own way.

This gift of life does come with a great amount of challenges. It can be filled with highs and lows. Successes and disappointments. I am realizing after all these years,  it’s how you navigate through your life circumstances. How do you go through the storm?

Take this month to look at your life’s challenges. Ask yourself, how are you dealing with them?  Are you dealing with them? Are you honouring your true self?  Are you on your path of your highest self? Are you stuck? Or moving with the flow of life. Are you happy where you are at in your life?

We are moving from winter into spring.  Spring is about re-birthing yourself. Planting seeds.  It is a good time to clean your house, closest, and your mind.. Let go of things that no longer serve you. Make room for the things that do serve you.  Set new goals. Be Mindful of yourself and your path. Be mindful of your thoughts, which become your actions.

Sending you love and light from my heart to yours. Sky TwoRivers

Message for March 2020