Self Healing 


Bow Pose 

​This pose is called Bow pose because it looks like an archer's bow, the torso and legs representing the body of the bow, and the arms the string. Start by laying on your belly with your arms on your sides with your palms facing up. Inhale lift your back legs up and chest up and extend your arms back to grab your ankles or back of your feet and not your toes on the exhale.

Start by holding this posture for 30 seconds, then increase to 60 seconds, eventually holding it for a total of 2 minutes a day.
Breath into the bow pose by using your inhales to open it more, lifting and opening your chest and legs and then exhale to release the lift and tension but remaining in the bow. If you concentrate on your breathing it will help you to embrace the posture.  This is a heart opening posture and often when we go into inverted postures and heart opening postures it brings a sense of fear and not wanting to be in the posture. Breaking through your barriers by remaining in it, will help you to let go of fears and open your heart.

For an active variation while in this posture you can roll forward, Inhaling as you roll forward, exhale as you roll back. You can start with little amount of movement and area that you roll on and increase the movement as you become more flexible and less tender.  When I began rolling everything felt very sore and uncomfortable, as I healed and built up my strength the posture began to feel good. Now when I go into this posture I immediately feel the release of all my tension and stress build up - and then I feel my body say thank-you. I really enjoy doing this motion. It has made a huge improvement in my life. At first it can be very uncomfortable. But if push through it and continue to do this each day, you will see - it will be easier and easier to hold this posture both staying still and rolling forward up to your chest and rolling all the way back as low as your pubic bone if you can. Always moving with your breath if your choose to roll. ​​ 

Rolling in bow will give your intestines and organs an internal massage, help heal all stomach ailments, remove blockages and improve the overall tone of your body. Increase your energy levels. Increase flexibility, ​​Helps with constipation, helps with respiratory ailments, releases tension and mild backaches, helps improve your energy and get rid of fatigue, helps to reduce your overall anxiety, assists with menstrual discomfort, it improves your overall health.  These are all the great reasons why you should work with this posture for the month of December! 

Posture Suggestion for the month December

Bow Pose