Self Healing 

 Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and meditation are two practices that I never expected to take up. I’m grateful for discovering them as they have helped bring balance into all areas of my life. I now understand the importance and why yoga and meditation is expanding around the globe. In 2007 my work offered hatha yoga classes, I decided to take the opportunity to try it. To my surprise it was challenging, I put myself into positions I was not expecting. It was more difficult than I expected. Despite not being good at it, I felt great after and was excited for the next class. I stretched areas that I did not know needed stretching and when I did I was grateful. With each class I began to notice a difference in all areas of my life. 

Yoga stretches your entire body. It circulates your blood, rejuvenates you and helps heal disease in your body. It helps you connect to yourself. It brings you back to life in every way. The list of benefits from doing yoga is abundant. I recommend people of all ages to do it. It really has the power to heal your body, mind and spirit and helps balances all areas of your life.  There is all different kinds of yoga, such as hatha yoga, yin yoga, hot yoga, bhakti yoga, raja yoga, white tantric yoga, kundalini yoga...and much more! There are many types of yoga and you may find you like one over the other. I really appreciate all styles of yoga. You may find you will like one style over another and that is okay. The best way to find out what you like is by trying it out. Try out different beginner classes, most local studio's offer a variety of each kind of yoga, making it easy to try the different styles at the same studio. When you begin yoga, you may get feelings of anger, anxiousness or discomfort, and if you feel emotional discomfort during yoga, it’s a good indicator that it is working. Of course, enjoying yoga the first time is wonderful, which is what happened to me. However, I do know of many people that didn’t like it when they first tried it and grew to love it. I often tell people you need to do at least six to eight classes before deciding if you like it. Many people do not know how to sit with themselves and yoga is a practice where you're required to be with yourself. We fill our lives with so much distraction that staying on a mat can be challenging within itself.

Yoga is a powerful healing tool, which can stir up your energy leaving you frustrated and vulnerable. Understand that the positions you dislike the most are most likely the ones you should continue to focus on. That’s the area, more often than not, that needs your focus. Try a few sessions before deciding it is not for you. It’s amazing how our body, mind and spirit are connected to certain chakras, which are connected to emotions and organs. With each yoga pose you work at healing your body, mind and spirit, as well as opening chakras and clearing blockages. Yoga helps you to understand how everything is connected. I often say that yoga is a substitute for years of counselling, without having to do any of the talking. You release old energies and create and build up your vitality every time you get on the yoga mat. The clearing and healing that happens to you on a yoga mat is a gift to yourself. It truly is a beautiful practise that should be enjoyed by everyone. 

Meditating is very powerful way to expand all aspects of yourself. There are many ways to meditate, the first that many people think of is sitting still and not moving. This form of meditation is often a challenge, as it requires you to just be and do nothing, which is hard for many people to do. It's important to be still and allow yourself to just be, that’s all it is. It’s not about thinking anything. There is no special place you need to go. You can be fully aware of everything around you. Appreciate it. Just be in the moment and let your thoughts pass by. Eventually, when you sit down and go into meditation, you will go within. Sometimes you can go blank and calm or even go as deep as connecting with your higher self and the universe, sometimes your mind is everywhere and just sitting there is difficult. It changes day by day. Then there is meditation with mantras and movement. These meditations work to confront and change patterns within ourselves. This form of meditation is very different from sitting still, as you're chanting and sometimes just saying the mantra over and over is a challenge, as they work to change patterns of behaviour. I've experienced very powerful walking meditations in forests and in labyrinths.   

When you meditate you can receive teachings or answers that you were searching for. Meditation helps you to slow down in life, feel calm and centered. Reduces fears and removes blockages. You feel more connected, grounded and creative. By taking the time to meditate you get more done in a day, because you are centered and clear in all of your tasks. Meditation reduces your stress-producing patterns. The list is abundant. It is beautiful. It is not new age ~ it is old age and one of the most beneficial things you can do for your body, mind and spirit. It’s a practice for all ages and everyone should consider it as an important part of life. It is important to take time for yourself in this fast pace society and connect to your inner being. Meditation helps you establish a relationship with yourself. When you discover that place of absolute solitude it brings gratitude into your life. These practices have been growing over these last few decades. We are waking up and discovering the benefits of healthy living. It is essential to guide your life in ways that makes you feel good. Yoga and meditation is a positive choice that helps initiate growth in your life in every way.


It’s really beneficial for everyone to have an understanding of their chakras. Learning about your chakras is very valuable as it helps you connect to all of yourself. It will help you understand how and where you are out of balance within your body. This is a beautiful Ancient Eastern approach to healing your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual self. We have many chakras all over our body; however, we have seven main chakras and these are the chakras that we are going to discuss. Chakra is a Sanskrit word, which literally translates to ‘wheel’ or ‘disk’. A chakra is described as a spinning wheel of energy. Please note you cannot see chakras with your naked eye as it is energy. Although, you cannot see them, you can work with them. Each chakra resonates at a different frequency and corresponds to a colour of the rainbow. These chakras are illustrated as lotus flowers. In many traditions the lotus is the sacred flower of life. In sacred geometry the sacred flower of life is the pattern of life ~ generating the fundamental forms of space and time. At the bottom of this page is a picture of the seven major chakras and the location on your body. Take a look at the picture. If you are not familiar with chakras take a moment to touch each energy center and say the name and see and feel the colour in that area. It’s significant to know that these energy vortexes run through the front and back of you.

​Knowing each chakra will help you to understand how everything is interconnected. Working with your chakras or energy is very
powerful when working with self-healing. There are many ways to heal yourself and working with your chakras will help you have a better understanding of what is imbalanced. Chakra healing can be done with sound, colour, intention, healing stones, yoga ~ the list really is abundant. Now that you have an idea of what a chakra is and where it’s located. Below is a chart of each chakra indicating some emotional and physical attributes when they are balanced and imbalanced. When your chakras are imbalanced they can be blocked or too open. If a chakra is too open it will spin too fast, if it is blocked it can spin slowly or not at all. When your seven chakras are fully balanced they are as big as the size of a large dinner plate and when your chakras are imbalanced they can shrink as small as a penny. A balanced chakra maintains equilibrium and spins at the proper vibrational frequency. It is fundamental to keeping your chakras balanced for a healthy and happy life.

It is incredible how all aspects of yourself is interconnected and related to your vibrational frequency ~ your energy. Let’s
explore ways to heal as there are many and you should try each one. You may find that you like every technique or you have a favourite. You never know unless you try… 

Choose a peaceful quiet space without interruption or interference. Intend to spend 30 minuntes to 1 hour. If possible set up the space.

Please know that if you do not set up the space that is okay to. Setting up the space helps initiates the intention, bring in energies and provides focus. Here are some ideas to setting up the space. Light a candle. Cleanse the space with sage and yourself. Create an altar. An altar is an area where you place sacred items such as healing stones, charms, deity cards or figures. You can place jewelry or any item that you would like to charge or re-energize during your healing. Altars are great for honouring, bringing in energy, wisdom, centering, inspiration, protection and much more. Altars become stronger in vibration or frequency the more you use them. An altar can be set up in an area of your house where it is there permanently or you can set it up each time when you do healing work. I have many areas in my house that have mini altars as well sometimes I set a specific altar up depending on the purpose. Altars can be used in many ways, you can even be in another country or place and connect to your alter for energy or centering or healing and you will receive the energies you are intentionally setting out to obtain.

For all healing work I recommend you change into comfortable clothes. Be well hydrated. Do it before eating. If you have just eaten you are using energy to digest food and you might be more sluggish and less motivated. Eating after is good for grounding but there are no rules. 

For all of these Chakra healings I recommend sitting on the floor on a yoga mat and use cushions if necessary. You will find sitting on the floor in half lotus or crossed legged you are more connected to the experience. I don’t recommend doing it laying down as you may fall asleep during as it is very relaxing. You can set up your alter in front of your yoga mat. Again these are only suggestions you can sit on your couch or on lay on your bed and have nothing set up. Be sure to shut off all your electronics. This is your quiet time with no interruptions. 

Opening and closing the space is very important. Once your candle is lit, sit down and take a few deep breaths. Close your eyes and really bring yourself into the moment of feeling your breath, bringing in fresh oxygen into your lungs. Take a moment to clear away all your thoughts. Open the space by ask you guides to work with you, ask for the white light of protection, ask for healing for your highest good, or assistance from the angels. Working with energies is very powerful. Angels and other spirits are always willing and waiting to work with you. Please know they cannot interfere with your free will, so unless you ask, they cannot help. You need to ask to work with them or give them permission to work with you. If you do ask to work with higher energies please state that you only invite in energies from the light and for your highest good. Always ask for protection, because you are working with energy you need to be mindful of the energy’s you’re work with. Make sure to set your intention when you are opening your healing session. Opening the space can be a couple of seconds or a few minutes. It’s your choice.

Now you are ready to begin a chakra healing.

Healing with Intention
Every healing should start with intention. Intention is very powerful and sets the stage for whatever you set out to accomplish in a healing or in life. Acting in any situation without intention is intention. It’s valuable to understand the power of your thoughts. If you truly knew how powerful they were, you would be more conscious of your thoughts in every way.

Your body listens to everything you say, which is why you should only say nice stuff to yourself. SERIOUSLY! Healing with intention is as
simple and as easy as it sounds and it works. However, if you believe it won’t work then of course it won’t because your intention is to tell yourself that what you are doing is not working. So your body will do exactly that not heal. We do manifest our realities through our thoughts and beliefs. It’s important to be mindful of your thoughts.

When you first begin working with your chakras its ideal to print the picture in colour and have it in front of you. Then you begin. You
can start on any chakra. If you read the chart and you felt you had a chakra out of balance you can start on that chakra or you can start on your root chakra and make your way up through all the chakras, there are no rules.

Envision the chakra you are working on and send it healing energy. Use your imagination to see this energy wheel spinning, see it grow,
watch it spin faster, feel the colour of it get brighter. Use your intention to feel it expand and grow. Remove the blockages with intention. Send white light with intention. Take as long as you want for each one. If you know of the chakras that are blocked and you know why send intention directly to the situation to remove it.

With the exercise you will feel your energy change. You can feel your energy centers heat up when you concentrate on them. As you work with this intentional healing energy you will feel a shift in everything. This will give you more energy and help you be more aware of your body. Once you’re done lay down on your yoga mat in Shavasana; it is a restorative yoga pose. Simply lay on your back with your arms and legs open. Lay in this position for 5-10 minutes. Keep your mind clear. You can close your eyes or keep them open. This is going to integrate your healing and allow you to absorb everything you just did.

When you do energy work you open your energetic field. Anytime you do healing work with energy, which is what this is ~ you should
protect your energy field. I recommend you place a protective bubble around you. For healing work and all the time. You simply envision a bubble around you. You can fill it with colour, sacred geometry, intention; there really are no limits only the ones you place upon yourself.

When you complete your healing you need to make sure to say thank-you and close the space. Once you are done drink plenty of water, eat something for grounding your energy, preferably fruits or vegetables, something of high vibration. Try to get a good night’s sleep as your body will continue to heal as you rest.

Colour Healing
This is very similar to healing with intention if not the same. You set up your space the same way. Have the picture of chakras in front
of you if you are not familiar and start at your root chakra. Concentrate on the area of your root chakra and see the colour red. Picture your chakra getting brighter and expanding. When you do this you can feel your energy center warming up, as well you will intuitively know when to stop. Do this with each chakra. When you do this you may have feelings or memories come up. Pay attention to how you feel when you work with each chakra. You are clearing blockages and imbalances as you are sending them colour. See and feel colour filling any voids or dark areas. Allow yourself to release what comes up. If you have feelings of happiness your chakra is most likely doing great. If you have feelings of sorrow or anger, release it and be aware of what you are being shown. Be aware of what comes up; you may be shown areas of what you can work on to heal. You are the one that can tune into what you need to work on and you can also tune into your own solutions. The best way is to start paying 

Once you have completed giving colour to all your chakras and you feel energized. Take a moment to seal and align your chakras with
intention. I recommend you lay in Shavasana to integrate everything. Try not to rush through Shavasana it’s just as important as the entire healing meditation.

 Healing Stones
Healing stones are very powerful. They work with your energy frequency. Picking out the right stones is important. If you are going to work with healing stones make sure you have done the research on the stones you are using. I place the stones on my bare skin and some stones are recommended not to touch your skin. Stones work with your frequency; know what you are working with. When you work with stones before any healing you should cleanse them and just before the healing hold it into your hand and charge the stone, set your intention into it. This is very important. It’s like turning on the power, of course the stones will work without; however, they are more powerful when you place the intention and activate them. Place a stone on each of your chakras and lay in Shavasana for 30 minutes to1hour. Guide your stone meditation by concentrating on each charka and stone feeling them work together. Activate your healing and increase the energy of your stones and chakras through intention. Additionally, you can put on a meditation cd or even download a chakra meditation online.

If you want to follow your progress on your healings, journal your experiences; indicate the changes in your body as well you will start to notice emotions, memories, dreams will all start to come to your attention. Things will begin to open and connect. I encourage you to explore and discover yourself in every way.