My yoga Studio is a quaint six person studio. 
My teaching name is PuranShant. Puran means perfect and complete. Shant means peace.  PuranShant is how you are when you’re one with your soul. As you merge with your true self, you experience a deep inner peace, become intuitive, are without fear and trust that the infinite will take care of you. When you have a spiritual name the more you use it, the more it brings you into harmony with your destiny. And this is what I want to share with others. This studio is a sacred place for healing your body, mind and spirit.  

This studio offers you a choice to have a singular practice or group class; it is unique in that you can organize your own group class with your closest friends. I offer private lessons for people who prefer to practice solo. The studio provides yoga mats, pillows, blankets and filtered water with cups. Your requirements are to wear comfortable cloths and be on time. There is parking in the drive-way and free parking across the street.

Self Healing