Self Healing 


Music has always resonated with me and not just with me, with everyone. We all love music because we are energy and music is energy. We feed off of that energy. Music is powerful in touching our emotions and transforming us. Sometimes it’s the words. Sometimes it’s the sounds. When I started healing, I found this new love for sound and sound healing. My first experience of working with sound healing was when I attended a yoga class that had a twenty minute gong meditation at the end. It was very powerful. Every part of my body vibrated, which felt like electrical currents surging through each cell, bringing my body into ecstasy. I was conscious for the first few minutes and then the sound and feeling brought me into a meditative state. I was not even aware of anything. For days my body was on a vibrational high. 

That sound healing opened the doorway for my love of working with sound healing. I started reading everything I could on sound healing to understand how it worked. A world of information and instruments opened up to me.  Some of the benefits of having a sound healing: it allows and creates the natural flow of chi, transmits your energy, deepens meditation, gives your body an internal massage, balances your brain, induces altered states, cleanses your emotional field and creates an alignment with your higher self, boost your immune system, reduces pain, releases stuck energy, cleanses and balances your chakras, slows down your respiratory, brain and heart-rate and brings you into harmony. Over the last few years I have acquired a wide range of instruments. I made my own hand drum, I have a crystal quartz singing bowl, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, rattles, bells and all of them are wonderful to experience in a sound healing. 

Sound healing is a very effective and powerful way to heal your body. It is noninvasive and a pleasurable way to heal. I love working with sound healing, everything about it is great! I fully recommend it for relaxation and healing.  Everyone resonates to music differently. It’s wonderful to take music to another level and use it to heal your mind, body and spirit. Bringing sound into your life with intention is incredible and highly recommended.

I offer 60 & 90 minute therapeutic sessions using a combination of sound, Reiki, healing crystals, aromatherapy oils, cleansing herbs (sage, cedar, sweet grass,lavender, frankincense, palo santo) and intention.  These sessions are specific to your needs. We will sit down and discuss the areas that you would like to focus on and together we work at your healing. I work with the healing energy of the akashic records and can guide you in specific areas using intention, grace points and prayers. Since 2008 I have been working with different healers, shamans, medicines and have been travelling around the world gaining experience and knowledge.  For the last few years my main focus has been learning information and skills to work with energy healing. I have attended retreats, healing circles, medicine circles, women's circles and have taken many courses and workshops over these last few years. Currently, I am certified in Akashic Records levels I&II, Holographic-Usui Reiki level I and I will continue to add skills and techniques to my resume.