​June 2014 I began offering a free weekly kundalini yoga class to my fellow government co-workers on Tuesday's, during our lunch hour. The same time Sean Sullivan began offering free hatha yoga on Thursday's at lunch hour. My class started with 4 students and has been growing with more and more interest each week.  Sean's classes have been full from the beginning. I attended his class and there certainly is a reason why they are full! He is a wonderful teacher, a beautiful soul and hatha really is a great well rounded fulfilling practice that stretches and smoothes everything out. 

 On the other hand there is Kundalini, I remember trying my first class. It was not what I expected at all. I purchased a package for 10 sessions before trying kundalini yoga; I am not sure I would have tried it again, had it not been for the package purchase. My love for yoga was hatha yoga. Kundalini yoga had singing, chanting, and meditation.  The teacher made us lay down for what I thought was way too long, when we could be stretching. I wasn't sure why the teacher wore all white and had their heads covered. It seemed strange. It really wasn't my thing. It took time before I appreciated it. In fact, after I finished my prepaid classes I went back to Hatha yoga and didn’t think about kundalini yoga for a few years. In 2011 when I was in Peru, it was re-introduced to me by a wonderful Brother and I have been hooked on learning more about it ever since. 

Teaching kundalini in the government has been a wonderful experience, where I share this amazing technology with people who may have never tried this type of yoga before. Each week I am excited to bring in a new teachings with ways to grow & heal, with kriya's and meditations. Kundalini yoga provides techniques to change our mind, body & spirit through movement, mantras, mudras, breath work.  Kundalini literally shakes everything up and out. It's work. It can be challenging and it is a great work-out. But it's different and not something we are custom too.​ I am filled with gratitude when receiving positive feedback on how kundalini yoga is making a difference in people's lives. 

Sean and I taught yoga outside until September, we thought it would be done until next spring. However, one of our determined students worked diligently on getting us a space to teach indoors. We held our yoga classes in empty office spaces.  This one area we were given had people working in cubicles in front of the big open space. I placed the students  with their backs to the cubicles. I however was facing all the employees in their cubicles, the moment I got the class chanting people starting getting out of their desks to observe and see what the heck was going on. The looks on their faces were priceless!  I know if my students had seen the employees watching,they would not have chanted.  Apparently not everyone was okay with the chanting, we got evicted from that space,which really makes me giggle.  I never thought in a million years I would chant, never mind in my government office with fellow employees. Seriously, how many people do you know would have the opportunity to gather people together in a government building  do yoga and chant. It feels pretty darn great to have this story to tell! Being evicted from that spot was a good thing, because we got a bigger and more secluded place. We have this place until the end of April and then we will have to start thinking about going back outside.  

In February Sean and I were asked to teach yoga for the National Well Being week. We split up the week and taught yoga Kundalini & Hatha. It was wonderful to offer and introduce kundalini yoga to many people for the first time. It’s such a gift to share and help others have this technology.  I feel  great joy when I think how I actually get  to teach kundalini yoga in the government building on a weekly basis. I am grateful and blessed to have the opportunity to share. It is providing me an opportunity to grow as a teacher and a student, as we are always weaving through both. Yoga is a beautiful practice that has helped me heal and grow and in numerous ways and this is the reason why I share these teachings.


Self Healing